Cookbook 1-5 Collection

(All 5 Cookbooks)

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Release Date:  December 7, 2021

A bundle of all 5 Cookbooks sourced from When Calls the Heart fans around the globe. These fans, who affectionately refer to themselves as “The Hearties”, were asked to submit that one “no miss” recipe that everyone raves about. From the massive amount of recipes we received, our professional chefs cooked and tested every recipe you’ll find in this mouthwatering collection of appetizers, side dishes and salads, main entrees, and bread and desserts.

Just about everyone that cooks has that one “go-to” recipe that they’ll make when they need the meal to be great. This bundle of 5 cookbooks will offer a proven collection of those recipes, not from fancy restaurant chefs, but from families that love to cook, working with regular ingredients, in kitchens just like yours. The pictures you see in the books are the actual dishes our chefs created from the exact recipes, assembled into an easy-to-use cookbook layout, with full-color photography on every page. This is a perfect gift for that When Calls the Heart fan in your life or just someone that loves to cook.